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Internal Investigation Specialists

At Day Law Group, our team of internal investigators act as neutral fact finders to assist your organization in getting the facts concerning employee conduct, morale, or Title IX allegations. We meet with the complaining party and discreetly uncover the history and extent of the issues alleged, interview witnesses thoroughly and professionally, and review all relevant documents and other evidence, including emails and text messages as appropriate. The investigator then prepares a thorough written report for the employer which includes findings of fact, determinations of witness credibility, and determinations of policy violations, if any. We can also advise you regarding next steps and best practices.

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Benefits of Hiring Outside Investigators

Not surprisingly, the recommended best practice is to use outside neutral investigators when conducting workplace investigations. An outside neutral investigator has no stake in the outcome of the investigation. This means that qualified outside investigators, like the team at Day Law Group, will not be swayed by personal relationships or feel pressure to arrive at certain outcomes. As experienced litigators, we know what to ask, what to look for, and what questions to avoid in order to ensure the investigation is legally sound.

Why Use Us?

We specialize in conducting internal investigations and we have seen, investigated, and handled most every type of complaint. We conduct a discreet, confidential, thorough investigation quickly and provide a thorough written report of our findings. Internal human resource professionals have a list of responsibilities—Day Law Group, focuses on the investigation, allowing your human resource professionals to stay focused on their many other tasks and responsibilities.

Further, some investigations are highly sensitive, sometimes involving upper management or HR personnel, and these situations call for an independent partner like Day Law Group experienced in handling highly sensitive matters.

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Internal Investigation

Saving You Time, Money, and Resources

A prompt, thorough, legally sound investigation can save an organization money, time, and employee resources by avoiding litigation. Any employment litigator will tell you that litigation of employee complaints could have been avoided had a prompt and thorough investigation been completed when an employee complaint was first received.